Application automation maturity survey

How does your organization stack up? Evaluate your application automation maturity, and get tips for moving forward

Capgemini’s Application automation maturity index gauges the progress companies are making towards automating their legacy (on-premises) IT operations processes. We surveyed 415 IT leaders from large, established companies in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific to develop a benchmarking index that measures application automation maturity across three indicators:


How long it has been since automation initiatives for application deployment and/or infrastructure provisioning were launched.


The proportion of infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, application testing, and application release processes that have been automated to date.


The level of budget dedicated 
to automation.

Answer 7 questions to understand where you stand with respect to application automation maturity against your peers. Are you a Fast Mover? Or lagging behind the competition?

We’ll let you know how your answers compare to others, and provide concrete recommendations for the next phase of your automation journey.